Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to spar/box?

A: Although THE WAY LLC is a registered boxing gym, no one is ever forced to spar/box another person. There is a specific program set aside for those who do wish to spar. Each participant of that program must be registered with USA boxing and have proper equipment before they are able to do so.

Q: Is personal training an option?

A: There is an option for one on one and small group training for those who want more attention. All of our fitness trainers are certified and competent in their specialty.

Q: What can I expect in a basic boxing conditioning class (e.g. By The Numbers)?

A: An intense experience that is able to be modified for any fitness level. You can also expect to have a fun time with a great community atmosphere as many families and friends take classes together.

Q: What are the age requirements, and is there a youth program?

A: Ages 13 and up are welcome to try the basic conditioning classes, however at 13 an assessment is recommended in case further training is needed for them to participate. Ages 9-12 have set classes 4 days a week per the online class schedule (see the Youth and After School classes).

Q: What will I need for class?

A: Wrist wraps and boxing gloves (not MMA gloves) are required. We do have used boxing gloves available for first time participants, if you do not bring your own, however privately owned gloves and wraps are always recommended.

Q: How much does a drop-in class or gym membership cost?

A: Prices vary for adults and kids, membership vs drop-in, and number of personal training sessions purchased. In order to make sure that you receive the most accurate pricing based on your needs, please contact us to inquire!