Alicia Benander boxing with Brandon Montella The Way LLC in her cornerBrandon Montella’s passion and positivity for fitness, boxing, and life in general is infectious.  I started training with Brandon at the beginning of 2012 and every moment I’ve spent training with him has been tough, but thoroughly enjoyable.  

He motivates you to always work harder and do better, but keeps you feeling confident about your performance at the same time.  I never thought about boxing before I met Brandon and after my first class with him I knew it was something I was passionate about.  I’ve been training as an amateur boxer ever since and recently I was in my first exhibition and Brandon was right there in the corner for me to lend support and encouragement.   That is something I will never forget.  

Brandon goes above and beyond to help his clients and he truly cares about empowering individuals to make them feel fit, confident, and happy.  I can confidently say that you won’t ever find a more caring and motivating trainer than Brandon Montella, so if you are looking for a trainer then seek out help from Brandon to have him show you “the way.”  

Alicia Benander


Laura Toulopoulos testimonial for The Way LLC fitness and boxing gym in Woburn, MAI have always been into working out and staying in shape but never gained the results I wanted and lacked the motivation to do it on my own. I have been training with Brandon and THE WAY now for about a year and a half and am in hands down the BEST shape of my life! With the direction and training I have received thru Brandon I have surpassed any goals I have set for myself. My endurance, strength, balance, focus and speed have all increased immensely. I now look forward to working out everyday and have a hard time convincing myself to take a "rest day,' how times have changed!

Brandon truly cares about all his clients' personal well being and is very supportive and motivating especially when he is right there next to you sweating and doing the same workout. He pushes you at your own speed but challenges you to achieve more, which I have more than ever imagined. Brandon and THE WAY challenge you mentally and physically but if you give 100%, and Brandon will take no less, you will see the results of all your time and sweat! I definitely have!

Laura Toulopoulos


Rick Aggeler testimonial for The Way LLC fitness and boxing gym in Woburn, MAI first met Brandon about a year and a half ago.  Looking for a boxing class near where I live, I stumbled upon Brandon's morning and night classes, that put us through the rigors of boxing training.  Immediately I was hooked, not because of how challenging the class was, but more the community that Brandon had brought together, and how real and genuine Brandon is and both a trainer and mentor.  After six months of taking the class, I began my personal training with him, only a half hour a week, but enough to give me some very focused lessons on boxing.  During our personal training, Brandon suggested putting together a team to compete in the "Tough Mudder" competition, in which I was initially very nervous about.  We increased my personal training to an hour, and have began emphasizing my overall strength and core.  I should stress, that it's never boring what we do.  He's constantly challenging me with new workouts, drills, stretches, runs, etc.  

Brandon is one of the hardest working, awesomest, and inspiring guys I've ever met.  Me being only 27, and him just a little older, it's meant a lot to have someone to look up to, and help push me to find my "way".  I had brain surgery at the age of seven, and never had the chance to try sports, or be athletic in any way.  Brandon has catered our personal training in a way that has helped get me into the best shape of my life (so far!).  Not only physically have I changed, but of course mentally, I've grown more confident in myself in all sorts of way, because of training with Brandon.  I truly owe a lot to him, and highly recommend him to anybody looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or in finding their way!

Rick Aggeler
Senior Music Clubhouse Director
Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston


Brandon Montella is a dedicated motivator and trainer. I have looked forward to every training session I have ever scheduled with him. I met Brandon in a  boxing cardio class in Medford, MA. I wanted to do something to help me keep some weight off that I had lost through traditional dieting. I was immediately hooked.

Brandon makes every class and personal training session fun & exciting. I am always learning new things, trying new excercises, and pushing myself to my fullest potential. It is so much more than just going to the gym and lifting weights. And the results speak for themselves.

I have gone from a guy who went to the gym once a week to someone who looks forward to going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. When I started training with Brandon, I could not run to the parking lot, now I enjoy running a couple miles whenever I can. And I have kept my weight off. I have a totally different outlook on who I am and what I can do.

Brandon is extremely professional and at ease. He will push you to do your best and will work towards your goals. Brandon has the ability to ramp a workout up or down and work at any level. Scheduling training time with Brandon has always been very easy and flexible. I leave all of my training sessions with Brandon feeling like I have truly accomplished something.

I would reccomend Brandon's services to anyone looking to lose weight, keep weight off, or just feel better about themselves.

Brian Flynn