Mission Ready

Our Mission

To provide under-resourced military veterans and at-risk students strength and purpose through fitness training.

Why We Chose This Mission

As a former at-risk student living in poverty, owner Brandon Montella turned to the United States Marine Corps to find strength and purpose in his life. There he discovered his passion for fitness and helping others. Upon returning to civilian life, he continued seeking strength and purpose which he later found in the sport of boxing. The Way LLC is the facility where he delivers boxing and fitness training, and MISSION READY is the organization that enables those who are eligible to receive such training so that they may also find strength and purpose in their lives.

Who Is Eligible?

Students who are between ages 13-18 and:

  • Require temporary/ongoing intervention to succeed academically, or are less likely to transition successfully into adulthood and achieve economic self-sufficiency
  • Lack the financial resources for fitness training

Refer a Student

United States Military Veterans who:

  • Lack the financial resources for fitness training
  • Are actively participating in a substance abuse treatment program

Veteran Application

How You Can Contribute

While we work on the eCommerce portion of this site, please contact Brandon Montella to learn how you can donate to MISSION READY in person or via mail.