Youth Fitness Programs

Does your youth/teen need to build confidence, self-esteem, strength, want to lose weight or increase sports performance? Bring them to THE WAY LLC for exposure to boxing and athletic training with other youth within their age group. Here they will also learn discipline and structure, and they will have fun doing it! Here are just some of the ways that youth achieve a higher level of fitness at our facility:

  • Boxing: fighting stance, mitts, ring drills, foot work, heavy & speed bag training

  • Conditioning: low/medium/high grade plyometrics, eccentric strength training

  • Balance: bosu ball drills, balance pod exercises

  • Agility: bosu ball and ladder drills, hurdles, reactivity exercises, cone drills

  • Integrated Strength Training

See the group fitness Class Schedule for Youth and After School Program days and times.

Youth fitness class at The Way LLC boxing gym in Woburn