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The Founder

Brandon Montella Golden Gloves Champion, The Way LLC boxing gym

Brandon Montella, professional boxer, ACE certified trainer and Level 1 USA Boxing Coach, is dedicated to improving the lives of those that wish to achieve their goals in health. As a former Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, Brandon has the determination and tact that enables him to spread his knowledge and ongoing passion for health and fitness. Brandon’s hard work led him to win the 2012 Novice Heavyweight, New England Golden Gloves Championship. You can learn more about Brandon’s fighting regimen on the show, The Fighters.

Brandon has helped many of his associates reach their goals by showing them out-of-the-box approaches to movement, weightlifting and conditioning. From nutrition to sports performance training, Brandon has a variety of skill sets to serve any type of individual. No matter your age or physical condition, Brandon Montella’s unique approach to personal training is just what you need to evolve and improve the quality of your life.


The Way LLC family and Brandon Montella - Spartan Sprint at Fenway ParkWhen joining THE WAY LLC, you are becoming part of a family. We train together, we compete together, we complete obstacle courses and events together— we work hard so that we can play hard.





The Way LLC family - 3D dodgeball event, group fitnessCome join our family and bring your energy to the environment. Together, we can all achieve a happier, healthier lifestyle. There’s no better time than the present.