Brandon Montella: ACE certified trainer, USA boxing coach, and former professional boxer. As a former Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, Brandon has the determination and tact that enables him to spread his knowledge and ongoing passion for health and fitness. He is completely hands-on, coaching the majority of the classes on the schedule.

Tonya Montella: Tenured digital marketer and Instructional Designer, Tonya brings her business acumen, passion for uplifting others, and participation in fitness classes and events. She was Brandon's biggest supporter during his pro boxing career, and can always be seen putting a smile on someone's face in the gym.


Here for strength training, conditioning, or OCR training? We have everything from monkey bars and various hanging grips, to rope climb, oversized tires to flip, weights and cross-training machinery. Here for boxing? We're equipped with everything from heavy bags and speed bags, to a boxing ring, and boxing gloves for sale. Motivational quotes can be found on every wall, inspiring you when you need that extra push.


When joining The Way, you are becoming part of a family. We train together, compete together, and complete obstacle courses together. We work hard so that we can play hard. Come join our community and bring your energy to the environment. Together, we can all achieve a happier, healthier lifestyle.


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